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executive staff

Mr. Naveed Nisar

Projects Manager

Tel: +966 13 8406195 Ext. 105
Email: naveed@fnamranaltd.com

Mr. Muhammad Rashid

Projects Engineer

Tel: +966 13 8406195 Ext. 101 / 104
Email: rashid@fnamranaltd.com

Mr. Tahir Munir

Marketing Manager

Providing Comprehensive HDPE Liner Solutions Since 1989

FNAM Rana Limited Co. (L.L.C.)

FNAM RanaLimited Co. (L.L.C.) is an HDPE industrial / municipal liner contractor. We also provide cost-effective, innovative solutions to repair or upgradeyour existing, under-performing or damaged HDPE system. We are recognized by Rowad & GCAT as a leading installer & supplier of their materials such as Geosynthetics, Geotextiles, Geomembranes, Waterproofing Membranes, Concrete Protective Liner (CPL), Geosynthetics Clay Liners (GCL), Geogrids, Geonets, Geocomposites, Geocells.

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